Math Institute - Math Coaching Programs for School Districts

Developing Math Coaches

Building Math Programs & Educator Skill Sets

Whether your school is looking to support current math coaches, develop a math coaching program, or would like an external coach to work with math teaching staff, the Math Institute has a solution. Years of experience in providing professional development and working in schools have led us to uncover a need for a more strategic focus on coaching within individual schools and districts. We develop unique math and coaching programs to bring customized learning that supports your unique team needs. Through a series of exploration activities including one-on-one interviews, group sharing sessions, and goal reviews, we work to understand your team and help you:

  • Support teachers in thinking deeply about their work
  • Enable your staff to make shifts in classroom math instruction
  • Achieve district or charter goals
  • Build leaders across all levels of your staff by:
    • Supporting current math coaches
    • Developing new coaches
    • Acting as coaches for teaching staff

Explore how our Coaching Services can advance your school mission and goals around student learning in mathematics …


Develop Leadership Capacity

Leaders are never done growing and learning. Our coaching programs support your leaders throughout the different stages of leadership development.

Support Effective Mathematics Instruction

Whether it is thinking about ways to increase student engagement through different instructional strategies or supporting teachers in examining their beliefs about mathematics, we will work with your team to support mathematics instruction that will transform your school or district.

Deepen Student Learning

Your biggest priority is the complex work of deepening student learning in mathematics. We can help you examine your role to support you in this priority through focused work in and outside of the classroom.

Build Collaborative Relationships

While each relationship is unique, we will help you gain skills that you can use to foster relationships between colleagues and administrators that build a collaborative culture to support student learning.

Enrich Specialized Knowledge of Teaching Mathematics

Supporting teachers in the teaching of mathematics means having more than strong math content knowledge. We will help you expand your knowledge of how students come to understand mathematics.

Design Professional Development

Math coaches are often charged with providing mathematics professional learning to their colleagues. We will collaborate with you to design professional learning experiences for your colleagues. You deliver it. We help you build it!