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Mathematics Professional Development

Customized Support for Your District

Professional learning comes in many forms. In addition to professional development workshops, the Math Institute offers a variety of customized support. Work with our Math Specialists to develop and implement a plan for targeted support in the areas your school or district needs it most.

Classroom Support

Classroom support provides a vehicle to maximize learning where it matters most — in the classroom with students. Our highly skilled team will work with teachers to strengthen math teaching and learning.

Options for teachers and teams include:

  • Modeling instructional strategies and math routines that engage students in reasoning and sense-making
  • Lesson and unit planning
  • Looking at common assessments
  • Facilitating team conversations
  • Instructional coaching
Young students learning in a classroom
Women at a table marking up sticky notes

Coaching for Coaches

Our one-on-one coaching supports the success of coaches by connecting them with a Math Specialist to help them process, reflect, problem solve, and plan for working with adults.

Mathematics Specialist in Residence

Make a math specialist part of your district team for cost-effective support in a flexible time frame. Whether you are making curriculum changes or looking for continuous improvement with your current math programs, our team can help you build on your current strengths and elevate your math instruction.

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