Math Institute - Frequently Asked Questions about Math Institute programming

Frequently Asked Questions about Math Institute Programming

Everything You Need to Know About the Math Institute

The Math Institute offers wide variety of professional learning opportunities for educators and schools in Wisconsin. We do our best to explain our programming throughout the site, but sometimes you come up with great questions, and you know we have a soft spot for inquisitive minds. These are some of our most popular inquiries.

Can the Math Institute training come to us?

Yes! The Math Institute can customize professional development to meet the needs of your teachers. Options include half days, full days, several days in a row or scattered throughout the year. Please contact Kathryn Leverenz for more information.

Where can I get a copy of the standards?

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics are available for free download from the Common Core State Standards Initiative website and the Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics are available for free download from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at

Can I register with a check or purchase order?

Yes, registration by check or purchase order is available until one week before the event registration deadline. To register with a check select “pay by check” or to register with a purchase order select “pay by invoice” when completing your online registration form and follow the related registration instructions.

All registrations made during the week before an event registration deadline must be made by credit card.

Have additional registration and billing questions? Please email Shelley Michalski.

Can I receive graduate credit for attending a Math Institute event?

Our Summer Institute courses as well as a selection of our workshops are available for graduate or undergraduate credit through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Visit our course credit page to learn more.

I need hotel accommodations while I attend a Math Institute event. Are there hotels near your location?

The Wildwood Lodge and Holiday Inn are located near our office. Mention the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin when making a reservation by phone or email (email Wildwood Lodge / email Holiday Inn) to receive our preferred rate.

Are there any current employment opportunities at the Math Institute?

We do not have any posted positions at this time, but we are always accepting resumes.

Does the Math Institute work with Independent and Charter Schools?

Absolutely! At the Mathematics Institute we focus on improving the teaching and learning of mathematics for all educators across the state, regardless of the school they come from.

Still want to know more? Additional questions may be submitted to

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