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Meet the Mathematics Institute Team

Working Together to Improve Math Education

Why do we do it? The reason is simple: like you, our focus is on the future of today’s children. How can we best equip our students to flourish in a world that is rapidly changing? The answer most often overlooked is the importance of teaching mathematics.

Knowledge of mathematics provides a pathway to success in the data-driven worlds of finance, statistics, science, technology, and engineering, but that is not all. Mathematics is about more than numbers. Studying math teaches students how to analyze information, think critically, make informed decisions, persevere, interpret information, problem solve, discover patterns, envision solutions, make connections, reason abstractly, reason quantitatively, learn from mistakes, and be precise. These habits of mind will help them, as adults, to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing and unpredictable world.

Meet Our Administrative Team

Kathryn Leverenz, President
Kathryn Leverenz

As the daughter of two educators, Kathryn strongly believes that quality teachers change students’ lives. Kathryn loved math as a child, but quickly became discouraged when it was no longer easy for her in high school. She was drawn to the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin by her desire to prevent kids from having a similar experience to hers, or worse yet, feeling inadequate when they struggle. It is her hope that participants in MIW programming embrace the importance of productive struggle as a key to success in the math classroom.

Kathryn joined the Math Institute in 2016 with aspirations of improving how society thinks about math and how it is taught.

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Kathryn’s background is rooted in philanthropy. She has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector. Prior to joining MIW, she spent five years as President and CEO of the Waukesha County Community Foundation. Kathryn serves on the Board of Directors for Wisconsin Philanthropy Network and is currently the Board Chair. 

Kathryn received her M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Administration from Concordia University in 2019 and her Kathryn B.A. in French from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in1997.

Sherry Bucholtz, Operations Coordinator
Sherry Bucholtz
Operations Coordinator

Sherry has dedicated the last twenty years to serving the nonprofit sector by providing administrative support in health care and social services. In 2015, Sherry transitioned into education because she found the mission of the Math Institute compelling. She welcomed the opportunity to improve the math experiences of the next generation, and loves how Math Institute programming supports teachers and focuses on increasing teacher confidence.

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Sherry has thirty five years of business, operations, and administrative experience. She started her career with RTE, which became Cooper Power Systems. After ten years there, Sherry moved to the nonprofit world. She spent six years with Stillwaters Cancer Support Services and eleven years working at Waukesha Memorial Hospital in clinical cancer research.

Alyssa Holly, Project Manager – Programs & Marketing
Alyssa Holly
Project Manager – Programs & Marketing

Alyssa’s commitment to education is rooted in her belief that there is always more to learn. As a self described lifelong learner she is always looking for new ways to grow and takes great pride in supporting the professional learning journeys of others. Alyssa has been with the Institute since its inception, bringing creative energy to the marketing and program coordination aspects of the Institute’s work. She continues to be inspired by the stories of participants who develop new confidence in math instruction and become true leaders in their schools and districts.

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Alyssa received a B.F.A in Design and Visual Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2018. She also holds a B.A. in Studio Arts with a minor in business from UW-Milwaukee and a certificate of Social Media Management from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education. Her most recent educational accomplishment was the completion of her RYT 200 hour yoga teacher certification in June of 2020.

Meet Our Mathematics Specialists

Sara Brown, Secondary Mathematics Specialist
Sara Brown
Secondary Mathematics Specialist

Drawn to mathematics at a young age, Sara began math tutoring for elementary students when she was still in middle school. Experiencing the ‘aha’ moment when a student develops conceptual understanding and gains confidence in math is what inspired Sara to pursue teaching, and it continues to influence her work today. While traditional lecture-style teaching was accessible to her as a learner, Sara recognizes this style of instruction is limiting for many students. She strives to empower teachers to transform their instruction to create classrooms in which there are opportunities for all students to be successful in mathematics. Sara’s greatest passion is sharing her love of statistics and helping learners of all ages discover the importance of statistics and data literacy.

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Sara is certified by Illustrative Mathematics to deliver professional learning for their open source middle school and high school curriculum. She has completed Cognitive Coaching-Foundation and Adaptive Schools-Foundation courses. Sara serves as a director for the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Statistical Association.  

Prior to joining the Mathematics Institute in 2014, she spent 15 years in rural, urban, and suburban high schools as a classroom teacher, department leader, and interventionist. Sara earned her National Board Teaching Certification in 2012. She holds a B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  

Sara tweets @mathinst_Sara

Eric Kanters, K-8 Mathematics Specialist
Eric Kanters
K-8 Mathematics Specialist

Eric strongly believes that mathematics teaching should not only focus on developing math skills and understandings, but also on empowering students to see themselves as doers and thinkers of mathematics. As a former classroom teacher and instructional coach, he realizes the impact high-quality, embedded professional learning has on student learning. Eric first began his journey with the Math Institute of Wisconsin in 2015 as a consultant and then was hired a year later as a full-time employee. Eric finds working with adult learners to be equally as fulfilling and engaging as working with students, and is excited to continue to empower educators around transforming their math instruction.

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In his current role, Eric develops and provides professional learning opportunities for K-8 teachers. He is certified by Illustrative Mathematics to deliver professional learning for their open-source middle school curriculum as well their K-5 curriculum that will be available to the public in summer of 2021.  Prior to joining the Math Institute, Eric spent thirteen years as a classroom teacher at the elementary level and three years as a Math/Instructional Coach in the Greenfield School District. He also worked as a summer school principal for two years. 

Eric holds a B.S. in Elementary/Middle Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.

Paige Richards, Mathematics Coaching Specialist
Paige Richards
Mathematics Coaching Specialist

Paige is driven to change the world through education by empowering students to see themselves as mathematicians. She believes in the transformational power of teaching. That belief comes from working in partnership with strong leaders in distributive leadership models, which led her to become a math coach. Through coaching, Paige learned ways to support systems to improve math access for students while supporting adults to reach all students. Paige joined the MIW team in 2014 to make a broader impact in improving math instruction for all students by working with math coaches and leaders.

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Paige serves on the Professional Development Services Committee for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and was a past board member of Wisconsin Mathematics Council. Paige is an Agency Trainer for Cognitive Coaching. 

Before coming to the Mathematics Institute in 2014, Paige spent 18 years in large urban and suburban schools. She served in a variety of roles including special education teacher, elementary teacher, Teacher-in-Residence at a university and technical college for a National Science Foundation grant, and as a K-8 Math Specialist/Coach. Paige holds a B.S. Exceptional Education Cognitive Disabilities and M.S. Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Paige tweets @mathinst_Paige

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