Leadership and Administrator Workshops

Leadership and Administrator Workshops

Building Stronger Instructional Leaders of Mathematics

As an instructional leader, your daily work revolves around partnering with others to achieve the goal of student success. Our leadership workshops focus on skills, content knowledge, and beliefs needed to support high quality instruction. Designed for administrators, coaches, and anyone else who falls into a leadership role, these workshops build understanding around best practice for student learning.


Current Leadership Offerings

Cognitive Coaching Seminars® Foundation Training

Cognitive CoachingSM is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances cognitive processes. It is a composite of skills, strategies, maps, and tools as well as mental models and beliefs. Giving participants the skills and thinking processes needed to support effective instructional decisions. It is also a model for classroom mediation to enhance students’ self-directed learning.

Actions for Equitable Math Instruction for ALL

We have partnered with the Wisconsin Rtl Center to present this two day virtual workshop designed to help educators achieve more equitable mathematics learning for all students. Districts are encouraged to attend in teams and take a collaborative approach that will lead to a stronger district/school plan and have a positive impact on math instruction all year long.

Walk away with:

  • Tools for evaluating current instructional materials and selecting new materials and interventions
  • Strategies to support teacher implementation of standards
  • Ideas for shifting practices to give students access to richer mathematical understanding
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