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Math Content Courses K-12

Content & Skills for Classroom Success

Students grapple with a variety of concepts and understandings as they grow as mathematicians. Our K-12 workshops delve into mathematics content and instructional practices that address key areas of learning and development, so that teachers feel better equipped to provide meaningful math experiences for their students.

Current K-12 Offerings

Math Foundations

After another year full of stops and starts, get back to basics with these virtual mini courses designed to ground you in the most important foundational math concepts. Each course will explore a major math content area where students struggle most, while empowering you with the tools and confidence you need to make informed decisions in your math classroom.

Comprised of just two virtual half days, these mini courses are designed to be a manageable way to engage in meaningful math learning from anywhere. Choose the courses that work best for you and get ready to refresh your math content knowledge without changing your summer plans.


Let's Get Curious! Exploring Wisconsin's Revised Standards for Mathematics

In June of 2010, Wisconsin adopted new math standards that were a substantial shift from math standards of the past. Now, just over a decade later, a team of teachers and leaders from Wisconsin have revised and updated the math standards to support and position students as doers of mathematics.

Join us for this one-day workshop and explore what these revisions mean for you and your students, school, and district. Leave with the tools to begin developing an action plan with priorities to support others in exploring the new standards in the upcoming school year.

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