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Math Content Courses K-12

Content & Skills for Classroom Success

Students grapple with a variety of concepts and understandings as they grow as mathematicians. Our K-12 workshops delve into mathematics content and instructional practices that address key areas of learning and development, so that teachers feel better equipped to provide meaningful math experiences for their students.

Current K-12 Offerings

Math Foundations

After a year full of stops and starts, it has become clear that flexibility is more important than ever when it comes to teaching and learning. The same is true for professional learning, which is why we have reimagined our Summer Institutes to offer our most customizable summer courses ever. 

This summer we are going back to basics with seven new mini courses designed to ground you in the most important foundational math concepts. Each course will explore a major math content area where students struggle most, while empowering you with the tools and confidence you need to make informed decisions in your math classroom. 

Comprised of just two virtual half days, these mini courses are designed to be a manageable way to engage in meaningful math learning from anywhere. Choose the courses that work best for you and get ready to refresh your math content knowledge without changing your summer plans. 


Focus On Fall: Planning For Success

A three-week online course is designed to help you navigate how to head back to school in the fall, leveraging your strengths and the strengths of your students as you consider what mathematics instruction will look like, whether it’s face-to-face, remote, or hybrid. Throughout the course you will explore and analyze your current curricular materials to plan instruction that keeps grade-level learning as a top priority and focuses on moving students forward, using equitable instructional practices to make sure that all learners have opportunities for success.

While we can’t control what school looks like, we know we are flexible, resilient, and willing to face challenges head-on to do what we can to support students.

Early Learning Series - Developing Young Mathematicians

Our ‘Developing Young Mathematicians’ (DYM) workshop series explores foundational math concepts for kids ages 3-6. Participants will explore and discuss how teachers can tap into young learners’ natural curiosity and the power of play to develop mathematical thinking.

Workshop Topics:

  • Counting & Number Sense
  • Shapes & Spatial Reasoning
  • Adding & Subtracting
  • Measurement

Understanding and Acting on Student Needs

The Math Institute is excited to partner with Student Achievement Partners on this professional learning opportunity for K-6 Wisconsin educators and math leaders.

Addressing student understanding of mathematics after two years of lost instructional time is a critical need. In this full day session you will experience and understand formative assessment practices that give meaningful information to teachers and support students’ mathematical identity. We will examine the March 2021 released What Works Clearinghouse: Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Intervention in the Elementary Grades and consider where students are in their mathematical understanding. Connections among the research-based mathematics interventions and recommendations to equitable math practices found in the guide will be examined. Throughout the session participants will engage with ideas to support students’ social, emotional and academic development and strengthen coherence between what students know and how to best support their mathematical understanding moving forward.

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