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First Steps to Math Transformations

Whether math has always been a top priority, or you have recently identified it as an area of high need, the Math Institute team is here to support your renewed commitment to improving mathematics instruction. Let our Math Specialists help you through important first steps with specific guidance and expertise as you determine how to make positive change happen.

Support teachers. Support students. Support success…

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Assess Your Mathematics Instruction Needs

Ready to effect change in your school or district’s mathematics program? A mathematics instruction needs analysis lets us help you figure out where to begin. Work with Math Institute Mathematics Specialists to identify the current state of your school or district math instruction, and then discuss strategic steps to transform it moving forward.

The needs analysis starts with classroom observation, followed by a comprehensive report that includes observations and areas identified for improvement with professional development recommendations.

High Quality Instructional Materials

The Mathematics Institute’s team of specialists can help your organization evaluate and identify high quality materials that bring new energy to math lessons. Select better instructional materials that lead to improved student outcomes; prepare to roll out new materials in a manageable way; and plan for successful implementation with the materials.

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