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Support for Those who Lead

Deepen Learning, Strengthen Skills, Empower Others

A coaches role and daily responsibilities are as unique as the teachers and students they support, but there are core skills that are critical to the success of anyone in a leadership role. Whether you’re a math coach, lead teacher, instructional coach, or administrator, our coaching and leadership courses will empower you and develop your leadership capacity.

Explore how our coaching services can advance your school mission and goals around student learning in mathematics.

Learning for Leaders

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Cognitive Coaching

Incorporating a variety of skills, strategies, maps, and tools, Cognitive Coaching supports individuals and organizations in becoming self-directed and provides a model for classroom mediation to enhance teachers’ and students’ self-directed learning. Results are stronger individuals within a team and better organizational teams overall.
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Leadership Workshops

Each public, independent and charter school is unique—encompassing a wide variety of needs, resources and goals. Our leadership workshops focus on leadership skills and beliefs that empower coaches, instructional leaders, and administrators to support best practices for student learning.
Jenny and Jan discussing ustomized professional development

Coaching for Coaches

Coaches work hard to build trusting relationships and support their colleagues. Our one-on-one coaching supports the success of coaches by connecting them with a math specialist to help them process, reflect, problem solve, and plan for working with adults.
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