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Graduate and Undergraduate Credit Available

The Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin has built a strong partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to offer credit for many of our professional development programs.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Opportunity to Earn a UWM Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Teacher Leadership

In partnership with the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is offering you the opportunity to use your Math Institute professional learning experiences to earn a UWM Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Teacher Leadership.

Consider enhancing your credentials to better position yourself as a mathematics leader in your school, school district, or other educational settings.

The partnership allows you to enroll at a special pricing option that is substantially less than taking regular on-campus courses. The certificate program requires 15 graduate credits that you can complete in conjunction with the Math Institute coaching courses, summer institutes, and Math Institute Fellows courses. All 15 credits must be completed within three-years. In addition, you may apply all the credits towards a master’s degree.

Visit the UWM website for more information: ://

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact:

Summer Institute University Credit

All Math Institute summer courses will be available for graduate or undergraduate credit through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • Courses will be offered for either graduate or undergraduate credit.
  • Courses may be taken for either 2 or 3 credits. Additional coursework will be provided based upon the number of credits chosen.
  • The cost per credit is $202 per undergraduate credit and $395 per graduate credit. (*pricing subject to change.)

Summer Institute Course Syllabus

If you have questions about course credit, please contact:

Step 1- Apply for Admission to UWM

Admission – Undergraduate

To be admitted to UW- Milwaukee for undergraduate credit, non-degree, please complete and submit the University of Wisconsin Online Application as soon as possible.
How to submit the Off-Campus-Non-Degree Application.

Admission – Graduate

How to apply for graduate credit. 

Step 2 - Submit UWM Application Tracking Form

Submitting this form will allow for UWM staff to monitor the progress of your application so that they can better assist you as you complete the registration process.

UWM Application Tracking Form

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