About the Math Institute of Wisconsin

About the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin

Math Professional Development That Gets Results

The Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps math educators develop stronger content knowledge and more effective teaching strategies. We are proud of the fact that some of Wisconsin’s best practicing teachers have been actively involved in our work since day one.

In 2011, collaborations with the Wisconsin Mathematics Council, the Wisconsin Department of Education, professors of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, and teachers from Wisconsin’s K-12 schools helped the Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative (WSMI) launch a math-focused professional development program. With the help of these and many national leaders in mathematics education, we created rigorous, in-depth professional development courses for Wisconsin’s elementary, middle school, and high school teachers and delivered them through five-day, summer institutes held in elementary schools, high schools, and universities across the state.

The Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative eventually evolved into what is now the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin. Today, our work has expanded to include instructional support for Wisconsin schools, administrators, teachers, and coaches through a variety of in-person and online workshops, as well as customized professional development.  Together with our partners in education, we are transforming the teaching of mathematics so that ALL students have a positive math mindset and the skills to help them thrive in our mathematically-dependent world.

Our Mission

We offer K–12 educators, coaches, and administrators high-quality professional development designed to improve their math knowledge and teaching. Our aim is to inspire educators to enjoy teaching math so much that their passion is contagious to students and leads to a love of math and improved skills that drive STEM interest and future career success.

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