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Support Successful Implementation of IM 6-12 Math

IM 6-12 Math Professional Learning

We are proud to be a certified partner of Illustrative Mathematics(IM) professional learning. We offer a variety of professional learning opportunities that support educators, coaches, and administrators as they implement the IM curriculum.

IM 6-8 Math - Virtual Unit Overviews
IM 9-12 Math - Virtual Unit Overviews

IM 6-12 Math Professional Learning Events

IM 6-12 Math: Unit Planning Guide

The purpose of the Unit Planning Guides (UPGs) is to provide teachers a structure to study and internalize a unit when they have focused time to plan. UPGs offer teachers an opportunity to understand the progression of understanding for a unit, how the unit fits into the larger story of learning, and important features in the content of the unit.

IM 6-12 Math: Unit Planning Guide Launch Session for Leaders

How can coaches or PLC leaders support teachers to study and plan for upcoming units? This session introduces participants to the Unit Planning Guide activity structures and coach-facing materials, to help them prepare to use Unit Planning Guides with a group of teachers.

IM Virtual Unit Overviews

Entering your first year of IM 6-12 Math implementation? Virtual Unit Overviews offer ongoing year 1 support to help you make effective instructional decisions as you move through each unit of the curriculum.

IM 6-12 Math: Fostering Synthesis Through Discourse

Synthesis is a key part of a problem-based lesson. In the IM Curriculum, synthesis often happens through student discourse. Using samples of student work, explore ways to plan and structure synthesizing discussions based on students sharing their ideas.

IM 6-12 Math: Curriculum Overview for School Leaders

What are the key features of IM 6–12 Math and where do we focus as we implement a new curriculum? In this session, school leaders will learn about the important components of a problem-based curriculum, the design structure of IM Math, and key ideas from Teach & Learn.

IM 6-12 Math: Leading IM Math Implementation

How can instructional leaders play a role in facilitating ambitious and equitable mathematics instruction? The purpose of this session is to examine the key role of instructional leaders in establishing and supporting the conditions necessary for successful implementation of the IM curriculum. The session builds on instructional leaders’ understanding of the problem-based lesson structure and IM’s approach to access and challenge, developed in the Curriculum Overview for School Leaders.

IM 6-12 Math: Coaching Problem-Based Teaching and Learning

This 8-part series provides coaches with a deeper understanding of the structures and beliefs along with the core components and practices embedded in the IM 6–12 Math™ curriculum, supplemental materials, and professional learning for teachers.

IM 6-12 Math: Enhancing Access with Math Language Routines Part I

IM 6-12 Math: Enhancing Access with Math Language Routines Part 2

Take a deeper dive into the mathematical language routines that are embedded within the IM Math curriculum. MLRs in this session: Clarify, Critique, Correct; Information Gap; Compare and Connect.

Prerequisite: IM 6-12 Math: Enhancing Access with Math Language Routines Part I

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