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Support Successful Implementation of IM K-5 Math

IM K-5 Math Professional Learning

We are proud to be a certified partner of Illustrative Mathematics(IM) professional learning. We offer a variety of professional learning opportunities that support educators, coaches, and administrators as they implement the IM curriculum.

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IM K-5 Math Professional Learning Events

IM K-5 Math: Planning with a Focus on Pedagogy

How can focusing on pedagogical decisions in our planning support the focus and pacing of the lessons? In this session, teachers will plan for an upcoming section in their grade level unit. They will understand the overarching learning goals of the section to create a plan for pacing of the lessons. Teachers will also learn a replicable process for planning and adjusting components of a lesson to support students’ understanding of the mathematical ideas.

IM K-5 Math: Planning with a Focus on Mathematical Progressions

How does understanding the progression of mathematical ideas in a unit support us in planning and teaching lessons across the unit? In this session, teachers will learn a process to help them understand the mathematical progression of ideas in an upcoming unit through the use of unit narratives and assessments. They will use these understandings to support them in planning with the mathematical goal in mind.

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