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Support Successful Implementation of IM K-5 Math

IM K-5 Math Professional Learning

We are proud to be a certified partner of Illustrative Mathematics(IM) professional learning. We offer a variety of professional learning opportunities that support educators, coaches, and administrators as they implement the IM curriculum.

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IM K-5 Math Professional Learning Events

IM K-5 Math: Curriculum Overview for School Leaders

What are the key features of IM K–5 Math and where do we focus as we implement a new curriculum? This session provides school leaders an introduction to IM K–5 Math. Participants will experience and explore the structure of a problem-based lesson, focusing on supporting teachers transitioning to this new curriculum. Teacher leaders and administrators will be given a brief overview of other key features of the curriculum including assessments, instructional routines, centers, and more. This session prepares leaders to reflect on their role in supporting teachers with each of these components, which will be built on in Leading IM Math Implementation.

IM K-5 Math: Leading IM Math Implementation

How can instructional leaders play a role in facilitating successful implementation of the IM curriculum? The purpose of this session is to examine the key role of instructional leaders in establishing and supporting the conditions necessary for equitable mathematics instruction that meets rigorous and ambitious learning goals. The session builds on participants’ understanding of the problem-base lesson structure and IM’s approach to access and challenge, developed in the Curriculum Overview for School Leaders.

IM K-5 Math: Teach & Learn

What is a problem based curriculum and how do I implement it in my classroom? During this two day curriculum launch virtual training, teachers will explore the design structure of the IM curriculum and lesson plan. They will experience a lesson, practice and rehearse content and language routines, explore various supports, understand assessment materials and begin to use student thinking as a vehicle for productive planning. After this training, teachers will be ready to begin using the IM K–5 Curriculum effectively in their classrooms.

IM K-5 Math: Unit Planning Guide

The purpose of the Unit Planning Guides (UPGs) is to provide teachers a structure to study and internalize a unit when they have focused time to plan. UPGs offer teachers an opportunity to understand the progression of understanding for a unit, how the unit fits into the larger story of learning, and important features in the content of the unit.

IM K-5 Math: Unit Planning Guide Launch Session for Leaders

How can coaches or PLC leaders support teachers to study and plan for upcoming units? This session introduces instructional leaders to the Unit Planning Guide activity structures and coach-facing materials, to help them prepare to use Unit Planning Guides with a group of teachers.

IM K-5 Math: Understanding Math Content Progressions Across Grades

In this session, teachers will learn a process to help them understand the mathematical progression of ideas in an upcoming unit through the use of unit narratives and assessments. They will use these understandings to support them in planning with the mathematical goal in mind..

IM K-5 Math: Adapting a Lesson Using Learning Goals

How can focusing on pedagogical decisions in our planning support the focus and pacing of the lessons? The purpose of this session is to provide teachers with strategies for making adaptations to lessons, based on the learning goals, in order to maintain pacing. The session builds on participants’ understanding of the problem-based lesson structure developed in Teach & Learn. Participants will gain an understanding of how the learning goals can help inform day-to-day choices to help with pacing in this flexible curriculum.