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Support Successful Implementation of IM K-5 Math

IM K-5 Math Professional Learning

We are proud to be a certified partner of Illustrative Mathematics(IM) professional learning. We offer a variety of professional learning opportunities that support educators, coaches, and administrators as they implement the IM curriculum.

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IM K-5 Math Professional Learning Events

IM K-5 Math: Curriculum Preview for Teachers

What is problem-based instruction and how do I implement it in my classroom using the IM K–5 Math curriculum? In this virtual event, teachers will be introduced to the overall structure and design of the curriculum.

IM K-5 Math: Teach & Learn

What is a problem based curriculum and how do I implement it in my classroom? During this two day curriculum launch virtual training, teachers will explore the design structure of the IM curriculum and lesson plan. They will experience a lesson, practice and rehearse content and language routines, explore various supports, understand assessment materials and begin to use student thinking as a vehicle for productive planning. After this training, teachers will be ready to begin using the IM K–5 Curriculum effectively in their classrooms.

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