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Support Successful Implementation of IM K-5 Math

IM K-5 Math Professional Learning

We are proud to be a certified partner of Illustrative Mathematics(IM) professional learning. We offer a variety of professional learning opportunities that support educators, coaches, and administrators as they implement the IM curriculum.

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IM K-5 Math Professional Learning Events

IM K-5 Math: Leveraging the Problem-Based Lesson Structure

Now that teachers have had some experience teaching with IM, how can they deepen their understanding of the problem-based lesson structure, their role in student learning, and bringing activities to life with students? This session will address common challenges and concerns in IM implementation.

IM K-5 Math: Adapting a Lesson Using Learning Goals

How can focusing on pedagogical decisions in our planning support the focus and pacing of the lessons? The purpose of this session is to provide teachers with strategies for making adaptations to lessons, based on the learning goals, in order to maintain pacing. The session builds on participants’ understanding of the problem-based lesson structure developed in Teach & Learn. Participants will gain an understanding of how the learning goals can help inform day-to-day choices to help with pacing in this flexible curriculum.

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