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Mastering Math Tasks


We’ve revamped our highly regarded Math Institute Fellows online course and removed the prerequisites to open the course to all math educators.

This 10-week online course focuses on the Mathematics Teaching Practice Implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving from Principles to Actions, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Throughout the course participants will identify and implement high cognitive demand tasks, examine student work, and reflect on instructional practice with other educators.

With just three required virtual meetings, this course can be designed to fit busy schedules.

Course Syllabus



Weekly Focus:

Week 1 – Establishing common ground.

Week 2 – Learning about cognitive demand.

Week 3 – Cognitive demand and tasks

Week 4 – Our role in cognitive demand

Week 5 – Selecting tasks

Week 6 – Task implementation and feedback

Week 7 – Gathering student work

Week 8 – Examining student work

Week 9 – Essential element: professionalism

Week 10 – Final reflections

Empowering Emerging Math Coaches


Our most popular coaching workshop series is now online!

The emerging coaches workshop series is designed to help coaches investigate how to provide optimal learning opportunities for students while supporting teachers in their instruction. During this online workshop series, participants will utilize coaching skills and the coaching cycle while connecting standards and teaching to opportunities and outcomes for each and every student. Emerging coaches will build their repertoire of coaching strategies with the goal of developing mathematically proficient students.

Course Syllabus



Learn more about:

  • Identifying what the Standards for Mathematical Practice look like in action
  • Understanding critical standards progressions in mathematics
  • Examining shifts in classroom practice and their impact on student understanding
  • Supporting teachers implementing high-leverage teaching practices in mathematics

Critical Math for the ACT


High school math teachers face continued pressure to raise ACT scores, which play a critical role in the assessment of both students and schools. How do you balance the expectations between developing conceptual understanding and reaching proficiency? A closer look at the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards and the Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics (including MIDDLE SCHOOL standards) reveals critical connections.

In this virtual workshop, you will compare these sets of standards and consider implications for your classroom instruction. How do the Standards for Mathematical Practice come into play? Explore sample items. Collaborate with colleagues around ways to address student achievement on this assessment.

Teams of middle and high school teachers are encouraged to attend, as well as administrators.



“How Can They Do Algebra If They Don’t Know Arithmetic?”

Building on what students know to teach grade-level standards in middle school


The transition from arithmetic to algebra during the middle grades is a make-or-break time for students’ mathematical futures. But how can we ensure that all middle schoolers learn middle-grades algebra, when many students have significant unfinished learning of arithmetic?

In this workshop led by Dr. Jason Zimba, a Founding Partner of Student Achievement Partners and lead author of the mathematics standards, we’ll learn ideas and techniques for keeping students on track with middle-grades math. Participants will work together on classroom tasks, identify common student misunderstandings, and share insights with colleagues.




  • Learn ideas and techniques that teachers can use to help middle-grades students who have significant amounts of unfinished learning in arithmetic.
  • Recognize the assets that students bring to the middle grades from their study of arithmetic in grades K-5.
  • Work together on classroom tasks to gain increased understanding of standards and student learning in middle-grades algebra.
  • Gain detailed understanding of the importance of middle-grades algebra to all students’ mathematical futures.

What our Community is Saying

“As a result of this online learning, I feel empowered, engaged and enthusiastic about what I can accomplish as part of a team committed to learning more about Math – both the doing and the teaching – in the world around us.”

-Course Attendee


Earn University Credits

Our online classes qualify for both Graduate and Undergraduate credits. Credit is available through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Please note, participants must pay and register for credit through UWM.Learn More »

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Professional Development doesn’t have to require endless hours in the classroom. Our online learning allows you to fit growth into your busy schedule. The convenience of our online programs allows for you to earn credits without the added hassle or expense of traveling.

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Participants in our online learning modules are exposed to a variety of new educational and instructional resources that can be directly applied in the classroom. This peer-to-peer collaboration allows you to learn from the successes and challenges of other educators.
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